Sejarah Cokelat..

chocolate has a high reputation. Foods or beverages made from brown seeds the admiration of many people, not just because it delicious, but also a plus that it has in improving mood and affect the appearance of a surge of love.

Cocoa tree, whose fruits contain seeds that can be processed into a snack of chocolate, was first discovered 2,000 years ago in American tropical forests. Meanwhile, the Mayans are the first people who eat chocolate (250-900 BC). They mix the brown seeds with various seasonings to make a drink that is believed efficacious.

For the Mayans, chocolate is a symbol of life and fertility. Therefore, brown fruit is often also present in religious rituals, including weddings and believed to be the food of the gods.

In the region of Central Mexico, the Aztecs believed, people who ate beans from cocoa trees will gain wisdom and strength. They also believe chocolate contains nutrients that are good for health and have the benefits of an aphrodisiac. Aztec king Montezuma even have a habit of drinking chocolate every day to increase libido.

Chocolate was brought to Europe began in 1519 after Montezuma offers a spicy drink to the Spanish travelers, Cortez, and his army. Cortez then brought cocoa to Spain and has been popularized. However, over the centuries chocolate beverage known as the nobles.

Chocolate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac food is very popular among the French nobility. Nuances of erotic art and literature inspired by the content of many chocolate. Casanova, travelers from Italy, better known as the conqueror of women, we are told is always eating chocolate before sex. Linkage chocolate with passion plant continues to survive until today.

Then, since when chocolate is identical to the celebration of love on Valentine’s Day? The literature mentions, since the 17th century, the pair have started to give gifts on Valentine’s Day and something sweet often used as an option. New in 1868, Richard Cadbury introduced the box of chocolates as a Valentine gift.

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